DURING this time of the year, everyone with a business venture starts to put together special showcases or festivals.

Under the guise of it being a Women’s Month celebration, there are a few companies that actually make good on their promise and celebrate the fairer sex.

Then there are those who don’t. Either way, this time of the year usually yields great results for anyone looking for a good night out at a club or the theatre.

In Cape Town, the theatre scene seems to thrive in August thanks to the annual Artscape Women’s Festival. There is also the Masque Theatre Festival that takes place during Women’s Month, but its central focus is not on women’s issues or plays performed or directed by women.

It’s about quality productions in Muizenberg from August 5 to September 1.

Plus, if you book tickets for all of the shows that will run, then you will be eligible for a R5 discount per show.

First up is Golden Melodies which is presented by Playbill Productions. This variety show will feature the talents of pianist Victor Tichart, violinist Cherith Bain and Dermod Gloster on baritone.

They will play the music of Cole Porter, Henry Mancini, Franz Lehar and George Gershwin as well as a host of many other musicians. The show premieres on August 5.

From August 9 to 11, Ricky Botsis and Kevin Abott will star in It Was A Very Good Year. From Women’s Day, the pair will take ladies – and gents – on a trip down memory lane with their renditions of the most popular songs in the swing genre.

Expect to hear the likes of Buena Sera, Luck Be A Lady Tonight and Have You Met Miss Jones? On Saturday, the production will run at 2.30pm and 6.30pm.

Then, from August 14 to 18, you’ll get to laugh up a storm when the cast of at Eat Your Heart Out hit the stage.

The comedy is directed by Tom Byrne and is about a waiter who just can’t seem to hold down one job in one restaurant as he tries his luck at a career as an actor.

The La Rosa Company, which is a Spanish performance company, will present Pena Flamenca.

With two new pieces facilitated by artistic director Carolyn Holden, the show will run from August 23 to Spring Day.

For the first time, the Masque Theatre will also offer supper specials when Eat Your Heart Out premieres. This festival may be jumping on to the bandwagon of taking advantage of Women’s Month, but they do offer a variety programme that the community theatre can be proud of.

• For more information on the Masque Theatre Festival, phone 021 788 1898 or e-mail [email protected]