There’s the cat that got the cream, then there is the Cream who got hip hop cats moving.

Hailing from the Cape Flats, the rapper recently released his debut album, Bruin Brood, through Pioneer Unit Records, which is home to the spaza rappers, Driemnaskap, and the audiovisual dub purveyors, Pure Solid.

Bruin Brood, which is Afrikaans for “brown bread” and by extension, food for thought, is a good first offering that is entirely produced by the revered soulful sample producer, Hipe.

Cream will be performing at the Vodacom Unlimited presents Kool Out Live at Trinity Night Club in Greenpoint on Friday.

Although he could be called a newcomer to the rap game, the Capetonian will be holding his own among the likes of Khuli Chana – the Motswakolista who will give partygoers a sampling of his new album, Lost In Time, when he hits the stage.

The point of this edition of Kool Out Live, which is a division under the Kool Out Entertainment umbrella that also houses the Kool Out Lounge casual parties in Joburg and Cape Town, is to showcase artists who have made their mark in Cape Town and the country at large. So it makes sense to have the Mother City’s darling son, Youngsta, doing his thing.

Also performing will be Motif Records’ signee, Reason, whose infectious single Do it Like I Can has seen his popularity rise over the past few months.

The Afrikaans rapper and phenomenal flag-flyer, Hemel Besem (pictured), will also be on hand to rev up the crowd like he always does.

Jimmy Flexx and Tommy Jinxx, who make up the Cape Town-based hip hop group Ill Skillz, will perform, too.

In an attempt to extend the showcasing of the hip hop culture to other elements and not just the MC component, this Kool Out Live will feature DJs ID and Raiko of Kool Out, Cudi, Ruthy Pearl and the acclaimed DJ Azhul.

The b-boy crews Immortal Styles and Ninja Turtles will battle it out. For the first time since hip hop artist and organiser Gin-I-Grindith, aka Gin Grimes, and his team formed Scrambles4Money, a new league that aims to promote and grow the local rap battle circuit, the brand will showcase their ability in Cape Town.

The battles usually include a few MCs going head-to-head and a main event, but this time there will only be one battle: Gin Grimes vs Kid Clever. Gin Grimes said the plan is to host a Cape Town edition of Scrambles4Money next month. But for now, enjoy Kool Out Live.

• Vodacom Unlimited presents Kool Out Live at Trinity Night Club in Greenpoint, Cape Town on Friday. R30 at the door.