Sexy Groovy Love. Picture: Instagram
Sexy Groovy Love. Picture: Instagram

Sexy Groovy Love festivalgoers blindsided with last-minute Covid-19 test requirement

By Shingai Darangwa Time of article published Nov 10, 2021

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Sexy Groovy Love last month announced the return of its popular festival property, The Manor of Magic, at Cascade Country Manor in Paarl.

The line-up of DJs and performers includes Culoe De Song, Bantwanas, Fog Show, Robben Tappi and Mila Rose.

Following an initially smooth process that saw the early bird tickets sell out like hot cakes, the festival is now drawing criticism on social media after it recently announced that festivalgoers would need to present negative Covid-19 test results in order to be granted admission.

Ticket holders have expressed frustration with the short notice of the announcement.

The statement on social media platform Instagram read: "Your safety is our number one priority … In order to host an event where people are free to move around uninhibited, we have facilitated a plan to create a space that is as safe as possible.

"To achieve this, we require everyone (including staff) coming to the event to be tested within 72 hours before the event – this applies to both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated attendees.

“Many of you may ask why we require the vaccinated to be tested – this is due to the fact that you can still carry and pass on the virus if you have been vaccinated."

The statement went on to express sympathy for the frustration this may cause.

The long-winded statement also read: "You will be required to show your test results when entering the Manor of Magic on November 20.

“If you do not have a negative test result, you will not be allowed access to the event!"

There was just a three day window period between this announcement on Friday and for ticket holders to apply for a refund.

Their Instagram was flooded with comments from disgruntled people:

“I really want to party but the way this was handled is (poor)”, commented @caherinekaybenjamin.

“I'm all for being safe (that's why I got vaccinated), but why not disclose this when the event was created and not only wait until the tickets are sold out to mention this. Feels like another money-making scheme to me.

“What about people that work during the week from 8-5, when are we suppose to get tested if it has to be within 72 hours?

“The queue on Saturday will probably be so long one, will miss the party altogether 😡😡😡” added a frustrated @jphavenga0507.

@angelo.harding expressed his unwillingness to get tested: “Completely understand why you guys had to take the precautions that you did.

“Was looking forward to the event but unfortunately I'm not wiling to take a Covid test if I know I’m 100% okay.

“Some of us don’t have extra funds laying around to get tested when we know we're okay.

“So with that being said, how do I go about a refund? I bought two tickets. Everything of the best for you guys. May it be a success 🙏”

@Jnmesbowden expressed his concern: “Howler doesn't allow 100% refund, how do we get our money back?”

@ann_chovies offered a word of advice: “Hey guys. I think it would be a good idea to email your customers about this.

“We don’t all follow you on social media ... I only saw this now because the post was sponsored. This is not sufficient communication ❤️”

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