‘The classics are happening in the Cape Flats,” says Abeedah Medell, director of Swan Lake, running at the Joseph Stone Auditorium.

This is the latest production of the Eoan Group’s Theatre Dance Company.

The interpretation of the classic is that of the brother/sister duo of Abeedah and Ebrahim Medell.

Promising to be a fresh, contemporary version with a twist, Ebrahim says: “We didn’t want to compete with classics of the ballet. We are trying to keep what Swan Lake is based on.

“The theme is relative to life; it’s about loving someone of another kind. He sees the beauty when others don’t.”

The Eoan Group Dance Theatre Company was established almost 80 years ago and Abeedah says she’s been involved with the company for the past 20 years.

A somewhat low profile would have had some people wondering if the company was still running, but Abeedah assures they are still very much in business.

“There was a period when it was low and people started leaving. People who’ve been here worked very hard to keep it running.

“We relaunched the company in November and thought as our first season it had to bring a ballet everyone would know and young people could relate to,” says Ebrahim.

“Because our girls train in Indonesian styles, our swans are doing more arms movements – there’s a bigger range of movements, it’s completely different. We blended a fusion of all those dances, a style you going to find the Eoan Group is trying to mould.

“There’s a want and a need for this industry over here. We have more than 200 registered members and our classes are only R70 for a class.”

Ebrahim, trained in ballet and contemporary dance, is also the artistic director in terms of costumes.

A 25-minute piece – New Dawn – launched the company last year and, Abdeeah explains, represents what Eoan stands for: “It’s to show this is where we are, not only as a performance, but that children, too, can see that this can be a career in dance.

“We want it to be the people’s theatre.”

In rehearsal for three months, the 50-minute Swan Lake will boast a different flair.

“We’re still using the tutu and keeping it classical and using ballet as the basis,” Ebrahim says. “The White Swan will be slightly sexier, flesh will be shown. The Black Swan will have a 1950s, sultry, Rita Hayworth-inspired look.”

• All performances are at 8pm except Sunday which is at 3pm. Tickets cost R60 for R30 for senior citizens.