You don’t get a second chance at first impressions, right? Well, unless you’re Chuck Norris, of course. Wait, we’re not doing the Chuck Norris jokes any more? Okay. What if your first impression of someone was that they were all that and a bag of chips and they thought the same about you?

What if a chance at love was never acted upon and many years went by before you could see that person again?

And when you did, you still thought they were all that and a bag of chips and a side of diet Coke (because when you get older you have to watch what you eat, you know) – would you want to give it another try?

This is what Second Time Around, a romantic comedy by Derek Benfield, is all about. Directed by Gordon Molloy, this play will be staged at the Milnerton Playhouse this weekend and the next and will star Michelle Galloway and James King.

Bernard and Marion meet once again 22 years since they bid each other farewell and decided to break up.

Both of them hadn’t planned on seeing each other ever again, but a chance meeting forces them to evaluate just what went wrong in their past relationship and decide whether they wanted to pursue anything further.

The play is a hilarious trip down memory lane and the audience gets to go along for the ride. You’ll get to hear of the romantic bits like how they first met and the not-so-romantic bits like who has how many children by now.

Galloway and King don’t just play the present-day as well as the younger versions of themselves, the dexterous actors also play three other characters who have impacted on their lives profoundly.

Second Time Around is equal parts romance and comedy, so if you don’t think it’s cute you may still walk away having chuckled.

• Catch Second Time Around at the Milnerton Playhouse in Milnerton on May 18, 19, 24, 25 at 8.15pm and May 26 at 2.15pm and 8.15pm. Tickets are R60 at 082 267 1061 or at