Musician Valiant Swart plays the lead role in kykNET's new drama, the 13-episode series Song vir Katryn, which begins on the DStv channel tomorrow at 8pm.

Song vir Katryn was written and directed by moviemaker and television producer Jan Scholtz.

Since 1974 he has penned and produced 15 movies and 18 television series, such as M�re M�re and Kiepie and Kandas, Sterretjie, Sonkring, Triptiek and Arsenaal.

Over the years he has given many famous actors their first break on the big and small screens and now he's helping Swart to make the cross-over from music star to actor.

"Valiant is a natural," says Scholtz about Swart's performance in Song vir Katryn.

He plays the role of a handsome medical doctor, Jinx, who has his own band and loves touring the country on his motorbike.

Women are crazy about Jinx. At the doctors' rooms where he locums his diary is always fully booked - with women who don't mind taking off their clothes to be examined by the dear doctor.

The ladies also flock to his performances at the clubs and rock concerts.

And they all hope to be the one he decides to marry. But as is the case in most romantic dramas, there's one girl who is different from the rest. Her name is Katryn. And she hates all men, Jinx included.

She meets Jinx in a pub on the night she loses her waitressing job and from that day onwards their lives are intertwined.

Sometimes without them knowing it. Sometimes without them wanting it.

Although Song vir Katryn is a romantic drama, it tackles social issues like drug abuse, pornography on the internet, Aids and Alzheimer's disease.

Swart's character, Jinx, gets the opportunity to perform at least one song in each of the 13 episodes.

These songs were mostly written by Scholtz and set to music by Swart.

Katryn is played by newcomer Therese Benade. Another rocker, Mel Botes, is Slab, Jinx's sidekick.

Marius Weyers has a challenging role - that of Jinx's father, a once brilliant medical practitioner who now suffers from Alzheimer's.

The cast includes Fezile Mpela, Dawn Matthews, Antoinette Kellerman and Francois Coertze.