Goodluck have conceptualised a novel idea for this Valentine’s Weekend. This sweet dance band known for their many commercial hits want to give couples and single people a Loved Up Music Concert. The first concert takes place at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Valentine’s Day before moving to Marks Park in Emmarentia, Joburg on February 16.

“It’s something we’ve always wanted to do,” say lead singer Jules. “Instead of roses and chocolates we decided to do the Loved Up music concerts.”

Added producer, Ben Peters: “Instead of trying to hustle to find a table in a busy restaurant, this is the thing to do on Valentine’s.”

Goodluck say they came up with the concept and explained it to BreakOut Management who are their booking agents. The two say they are not promoters but have helped to conceptualise the look and feel of the event.

The concerts will also feature two international acts – Jazzanova’s DJ Claas Brieler, Clara Hill and Lisa Kekaula of Basement Jaxx fame. Also on the bill are up and coming artists Michael Lowman, Matthew Gold and Shaun Jacobs.

Kekaula features on Goodluck’s hit Harlem and will be joining the group on stage for the song.

“We are music friends with her,” said Jules. “We were big fans of Basement Jaxx and were struggling with the vocals for Harlem. I googled her and found her. She nailed the recording. We also worked with her on the second album.”

The concert will be offering something different. “We are going to town with the theme,” they shared. “We have embraced the kitchness of Valentine’s in a cool way. We have a kissing camera which we will also be showing on the big screen.”

Ben and Jules say they are particularly excited about playing Kirstenbosch: “We also like to take our shows to an environment which we want to play in. Kirstenbosch is so beautiful that 80 percent of our job is done. We’ve never played Kirstenbosch before.”

They believe that it works out well because while the famous old Mutual Summer Sundays attract a huge crowd for local artists, it is the first time a South African artist has played outside of that day. It is normally reserved for international artists.

“Also Kirstenbosch gets inundated with requests to keep their gardens open for Valentine’s Day,” said Jules. “Now we are giving them an extra reason to be there.”

Joburg will have to wait for Sunday to experience the Loved Up music concert which will have the same line-up as Cape Town.

However, both Goodluck and BreakOut Management gave strong assurance that the Sunday would be as enjoyable.

There will be no vendors or bars at Kirstenbosch so people are encouraged to bring their own picnic baskets with drinks and food. Gates open at 6pm.

At Marks Park there is a bar and food vendors so no beverages will be allowed in.

Gates open at noon and Loved Up will end at 7pm.