The African Art Centre on Florida Road is showcasing an exhibition by Sibusiso Duma titled Tales from the Past and the Present, which will end on Sunday.

The paintings on display reflect the artist’s recent experience of marriage, his new responsibilities and the challenges he faces as a provider for his family.

In an interview with Tonight, Duma explained what his exhibition represents: “It’s about the present and the past.

“It’s a collection of all my memories, the things that happened in the past, the good and the bad. It’s also about things I have to do and face in the future.”

From an early age, Duma recalls, he spent most of his time drawing houses and cars on the walls of his home.

His brother recognised his talent and motivated him to get pursue a career in art. For Duma, his art is a “calling”’.

He explained: “I have to do it every day, it’s my true passion.”

His preferred medium is oils and he said of those people who have inspired him as an artist, the late Trevor Makhoba taught him a lot: “Every day after school, I would work beside my mentor in his small studio in Umlazi.”

Asked about his biggest challenge, Duma said making a living as an artist can be tough at times: “I’m working every day and spending all my time creating ideas.

“It’s difficult in terms of living, to support my family. It’s also difficult to sell my paintings, sometimes it seems like I am wasting my time.

“Also, in terms of pricing my work I find it extremely challenging. I don’t get the amount I want for each painting.

“That’s a big problem in Durban. They have a problem about pricing the works.

“They say I ask too much and need to trim the price.

“It’s not like Joburg and Cape Town. It’s only in Durban and I don’t understand it. From 2004 I’m using the same price.”

Duma’s first solo exhibition was held at the African Art Centre in 2007 and his work can also be viewed at galleries in Joburg and Cape Town.

• The exhibition ends on Sunday at the African Art Centre, 94 Florida Road, Morningside. For more info, call Sharon Crampton at 031 312 3805.