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Naledi Awarding winning playwright, Ameera Patel and her husband Jaques de Silva, will be setting the stage alight with their theatre production, Whistle Stop.

Making its appearance at The Playhouse Company tomorrow on 25 May , the show unpacks the dynamics of a single meeting between a man and a woman on a park bench.

The production was also staged at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

Here's what the husband and wife duo had to say about the show:

Tell us more about the show and the journey audiences take with the characters?

Ameera: There is an entire relationship of two people built in a single meeting on a park bench. The story is very expansive yet intimate and it speaks to everyone on different levels. But it shows us that real love jumps in leaps and bounds.

Jaques: There are also times where you hear the characters thoughts. There is a lot of comedy as well.

What inspired the storyline?

Ameera: It was an idea that was sparked by communication in a relationship. We seldom say what we actually mean and that’s what causes a breakdown in most relationships. I definitely know that I could be more honest at times.  

Jaques: It’s all about communication and freedom of whether or not to settle or go out and find adventure. It makes you ask the question, “can this one person fill your life?”. It plays on the specifics of a man and a woman.

You are working with your real life partner, who does it feel?

Ameera: It’s easier and faster in studio because you already know each other. But we also made sure that work is work and our private lives are private. We work with a great director and she’s made this journey incredible for the both of us.

Jaques: We are both working on so many projects at the moment so for me being able to be in studio with Ameera is actually fantastic. I get to spend more time with her.

Frances Slabolepszy directors the production. How was it working with her?

Ameera: We’ve studied together at UCT. She’s very calm but incredibly insightful. She has the most simple ways of directing us that makes the biggest difference. She understands our strengths and weaknesses.

What would you attribute the show’s success to?

Ameera: I think that it’s because Frances gives us free range. Although it's just a bench but it acts as many things to the two characters at any given time. It’s also relatable and love and communication, the two main themes are universal.  

* Whistle Stop will stage at The Palyhouse Loft Theatre on May 25. Tickets available from Computicket.