ILL BE YOUR SUBSTITUTE: Michael Jackson impersonator Kenny Wizz.



CAST: Kenny Wizz, Richie Baker (vocals, bass), Giles Tingey (keyboards and vocals), Tony Cowell (lead guitarist), Dale Scheeper (keyboards and vocals), Giselle Bouwer (vocals), Nicholas McCreadie (drums), and dancers

VENUE: iZulu Theatre, Sibiya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom

RATING: *****

IF you are an undying fan of the King of Pop, if you know all his songs and are familiar with his trademark dance moves, then Michael Jackson HIStory II is the show for you.

The tribute show to the late Michael Jackson (MJ) stars Kenny Wizz, who hails from Las Vegas and is also known as the world’s best MJ impersonator. It’s really hard to argue the latter because that’s how brilliant Wizz is.

Divided into two acts, Wizz takes you on a journey through some of the most-loved hits such as Smooth Criminal, Man in the Mirror, Heal the World, Billie Jean and more.

With amazing lighting and superb sound, the production is flawless, captures the audience’s attention and holds it throughout the show. Paying respect to MJ’s memory, Wizz performs a track, Gone Too Soon, which is a beautiful tribute to the legend.

But, my goodness, does Wizz resemble Jackson a lot. It’s actually scary how alike they look, so much so that you actually feel as if the greatest pop star of our time is standing before your very eyes.

He is extremely energetic, charismatic and has a personality people are drawn to. His resemblance to Jacko is unreal and he fits the role perfectly, displaying the late star’s dancing accurately and he should be commended as he does an impeccable job of the Moonwalk.

However, Wizz’s singing did not match up and if you are a true MJ fan, you will be able to spot the difference.

And as for the costume design, it is outstanding. Who could ever forget Jackson’s legendary gold suit with the armour on his arms and legs. Wizz had that one in the bag and portrayed the iconic stage looks of Jackson perfectly.

What made things interesting was the performance of Thriller which was something spectacluar and the production team definitely saved the best for last.

Dressed in zombie costumes inspired by the Thriller video, the dancers crept up on the audience during Whizz’s performance on stage. You didn’t know whether to laugh or scream.

As for the band, they deserve kudos for their efforts. They are extremely talented. Hailing from all over the globe – Canada and Australia to Cape Town and PE they showcased excellence on stage.

Wizz is a true entertainer and interacts well with his cast and members of the crowd. He made things interesting when he randomly selected a female from the audience and serenaded her on stage.

On the night I attended, a few star-struck ladies even screamed: “I love you Michael.”

All-in-all, an incredible and memorable tribute to the legendary MJ. From the amazing lighting to top-notch sound and world-class entertainers, this is an unbelievable production showcasing immense talent.

If you did not get to see the real MJ perform live, then you definitely don’t want to miss this show. It’s the next best thing!