Mo Vawda. Picture: Supplied
Mo Vawda. Picture: Supplied

Comedian Mo Vawda on love, eating KFC in the park and curry-stained tableclothes

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Feb 13, 2020

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South African comedy heavyweights have shined their comical armour, sharpened their witty swords and are ready to take hilarity to the next level at the "Kings & Queens of Comedy: Valentine’s Edition" on Friday (February 14) at the Durban ICC.

We chatted to Mo Vawda who will be sharing the stage with other comedy giants, including Rob van Vuuren, Rory Petzer, Thenjiwe Moseley and Tumi Morake.  

What does love mean to you? 

Love means Joy, communication and care. Joy in the little moments, communication in the struggles and care in every action you do for and with that person.

What's gets on your partners' nerves and vice versa?

I do as much as I can to get on everyone`s nerves because whats a life without a little craziness? Not much gets to me, I would probably think not understanding me when I speak at times, which could also be my fault. 

Are you a romantic? 

I am not a romantic, however, I do try. When I did try to be romantic a few times they turned out to be embarrassing. When i was much younger and I had no money, basically lets say a limited budget aka poor, I could not actually take my date out for Valentine's Day. I decided to buy streetwise 2 from KFC, carried my mum's floral and curry stained table cloth, took them to the park where everyone watched us eat with our hands. I mean have you ever tried sticky KFC hand-holding? Its not appealing. I brought it back by saying ", I can never let you go!"... It worked.

Any tips on "how to get your partner to love you more"?

Don't do what you wouldn't want them to. 

Permission and ensuring that they know that they are correct is the key to success, yes, even if, logically, you are correct. 

Do everything you can to make them happy aka 'people please' your partner.

What can the audience expect from your set at the "Kings & Queens of Comedy: Valentines Day Edition"?

It's going to be energy filled, burst out loud laughing moments. Yes I made the acronym BOOL for this show because you will be. I will be talking about family and the craziness that comes with being a 'people pleaser' and much more.  

Some advice for couples in 2020?

If you're the girl in the relationship just do what you do. If you`re the guy just do the opposite of the first thing that pops into your mind. "Should I eat her pasta in the fridge? First thing pops in: nah she would not mind...TRUST ME DO NOT EAT IT!!!! YOU WILL DIE!" 

*"Kings & Queens of Comedy: Valentines Edition" takes place on February 14. Tickets are available from R180 at Computicket. The show carries an age restriction of 16. 

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