FAMILY POLITICS: Dingalings crew Satchu Annamalai, Koobeshen Naidoo, Senzo Mthethwa, Henry Ramkisson and Ravi Subramoney are set to get you laughing in their newest production WED-dingalings Night Before.

Latoya Newman

THE popular Dingalings Productions are stepping on to cleaner turf with their new show WED-dingalings Night Before which is a 100 percent clean and family affair.

Set in Chatsworth a night before the wedding function, the show is said to venture into the world of Tollywood and Bollywood in mirth and song, with all the family politics to go with it.

Producer Kumseela Naidoo said audiences could expect all of the Dingalings fun but without any of the bad language. “For the first time Durban audiences can bring their kids to see a full Dingalings show. But people who are die hard Dingalings fans will not be disappointed, it’s everything you would usually get in a Dingalings show, but this time you can bring your whole family.”

Commenting on their choice of theme this time around, Naidoo said: “Within the Indian community there’s always the little cultural bickering between regions and social status… so we cover all of that but in a very pleasant way. We really deal very funnily with how people still want to hang on to old cultural beliefs that we are different based on religion and language groups, because within the Indian community its Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Gujarati; so I think we poke fun at that and we do provoke some thought. So hopefully they go away and shed some thought on these stereotypes that we hold dear.”

Dingalings shows are also known for the nostalgia and music and this time around Naidoo said the mix is even better.

“It’s a traditional Indian wedding, but it’s pre-wedding… Satchu Annamalai, an old Dingalings friend who brings to the party the most wonderful compliment of music that covers the full gambit of music in terms of the golden oldie English songs as well as Hindi and Tamil songs.

“Satchu’s doctorate is in drama and he is such a wonder- ful character to watch on stage and on the music front as well.”

Directed by Yugan Naidoo, the show features Henry Ramkisson, Koobeshen Naidoo, Senzo Mthethwa, Ravi Subramoney and Satchu Annamalai.

lShows are at Suncoast Cinecentre Supernova on March 14 at 8.30pm and March 15 at 5pm and 9pm. To book call 0861 246 300.