Listeners to 5fm's Breakfast Show, every weekday morning from 6am to 9am, with Mark Gillman, Reuben Goldberg, The Prophet, Catherine Strydom, Kevin Fine and Dangerboy, will be pleased to know the entire team will be in Durban next Tuesday at Durban's Sea World.

The reason? The sixth Gillman Teddy Bear Patrol, an initiative that will give underprivileged kids from various South African cities the chance to have lots of fun in the sun. Fifty children will be invited to join the breakfast team and the event sponsors on an excursion.

Each day will begin with a meal and toy giveaway at McDonalds, and thereafter Coca-Cola and Nestlé will provide soft drinks and ice cream.

The kids will also be entertained by Rocky and Blizzard. Once tummies are full and smiles etched on faces, everyone will depart for a day at a local zoo or theme park.

"The best part about having your own national radio show is being able to do things like this," commented 5fm DJ Gillman.

"The whole 5fm breakfast team is excited and we are going to ensure everyone has an absolute blast - especially the kids!"

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