• Rating: (7)

    Yet another teen movie - admittedly with a little more meat than usual on the bones of the plot - dealing with "lurve", rejection and all that those racing hormones entail.

    Mandy Moore (the pop singer turned actress who improves with each film) plays Halley, a disaffected teen whose best friend, Scarlet, has just discovered love and sex.

    As far as Halley is concerned, love leads to rejection. Her parents have just divorced and her ageing Boho radio DJ dad married his bimbo babe on the same day. A truly tacky wedding of splendid proportions.

    Her mother is crushed. If there's a Mr Perfect out there for a 50-something mother of two, he can (as she states on camera for an internet dating line) go f*** himself.

    The only light in the tunnel seems to be Halley's older sister's approaching nuptials. But even these seem destined for the rocks, if the rows are anything to go by.

    Then long, lanky Macon Forrester (Trent Ford) hoves into view. Will Halley resist his floppy-haired charms? Will mum meet a Mr Perfect? Is there a twist in the plot?

    I'm not telling, but it's all fairly predictable if lifted above the norm by good performances by the three main bratpack actors (Moore, Ford and Alexandra Holden as Scarlet), with Alison Janney and Peter Gallagher also good as Halley's poles-apart parents. A cut above the normal teen fodder.