Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist returns to his favourite city for belly aching performances.
Ever wondered what it would be like to be hypnotized? 
Wonder no more, as Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist returns to Durban for the ultimate mix of hypnosis, funny routines and a bag of dry jokes that will leave you in stitches. 
Andre has been in the entertainment industry for the past 23 years believes his shows’ success is based on the fact that no two shows are ever the same. 
What makes the show even better is that the volunteers are friends and family from the audience, which adds that touch of realism to the evening’s event. 
The show relies on volunteers and then even more on the reaction of these volunteers to his suggestions. And Andre has no shortage in suggestions, adding Superman, a crowing cow, and a pas de deux to this year's mix of the weird and wonderful. 
“The show is pure hilarious family friendly hypno-humour in which members from the audience are invited onto the stage to take part in various routines ranging from the strange to the downright hilarious. No two shows are ever the same and every show features stars from your very own community. Friends, family and people you might not know provide you with two hours of ever-changing, hilariously creative entertainment,” said Andre. 
While Andre does his best to entertain the crowd he also knows that untactful jokes are a no-no. 
“I am Afrikaans and the bond between Afrikaans speaking public and its audiences are well known. It is however important to remember that South Africans are easily offended and do not forgive quickly. I have made changes in my years on stage to ensure that the show not only stays relevant, but does not offend people of diverse cultures or religions,” said Andre. 
To date he says he has been very fortunate that he’s able to do what he loves. 
“I absolutely love the fact that people are still thrilled, amazed and entertained by my show in a society where theatre is not the biggest supported format,” he said. 
Performing across South Africa, its bordering countries and Australia – Andre said no two audiences are the same, and particularly enjoys Durban’s laid back and relaxed nature. 
“Audiences differ immensely from one province to the next and often times certain suggestions would be removed as they do not create the same reaction with the audience. Durban audiences are far more laid back and relaxed than their Gauteng cousins who are more nervous about an evening’s hypnotic entertainment,” he said. 
The born entertainer performed his first advert when he was just four-years-old and said he was hooked ever since. 
“I spent every week having drama lessons and my first taste of theatre was as a magician. I always believed I was going to be the next David Copperfield. It was only when I saw the late Max Collie do a hypnotism show that I knew I had discovered my career,” said Andre. 
Andre also recently started a weekly YouTube channel which reaches a far greater audience.
“Social media is pretty much the expected norm in reaching larger audiences today. I have over the years uploaded smaller video clips of my show onto YouTube but it was only after uploading a 75 minute long show that the numbers of people viewing my show started climbing and I knew this was a medium worth investing time in,” he said. 
Andre said more of the country will be able to see his shows as he has decided to spend more time travelling from next year.

Catch Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from August 8-20 at 8pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and 3pm on Sundays. 
Tickets are R120 per person. Bookings through Computicket and Shoprite Checkers, or call 0861 915 8000. For block booking discounts, call Ailsa on 083 250 2690 or email  [email protected]