IF YOU get a kick out of increasing your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, and everything else that goes with horror flicks, then the upcoming local production of Hindrance is for you.

Starring well-known Durban theatre couple, Shika Budhoo and Dhaveshan Govender, Hindrance is about three friends who unexpectedly end up in a strange house in Verulam and stumble upon a ghostly secret – with utterly screamable consequences.

The production is produced by local entertainment group Dizzy Dragonfly and is set to be released later this year.

I caught up with Budhoo who, along with Govender, happens be the mastermind behind the script.

“I came up with a concept two years ago, and Dhaveshan Govender, writing genius in my opinion, (and I’m not only saying that because I’m marrying him later this year) came on board through the drafts.

“I wrote it initially because I was terrified of the supernatural, films especially, because before bed my mind would always go to the scariest part of a film and then I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

“So in my hope to get over it, I started writing Hindrance,” said the friendly, enthusiastic actress.

So what’s Budhoo’s character like? She plays Layla Naidoo, a school teacher who has been promoted to deputy principal at a local school in Durban.

She receives a request from her sister Lalita, played by Pauline Dalais, to watch the house as her sister’s husband was in an accident.

“Layla is the ‘scaredy-cat’ girl who freaks out at every sound and follows the rules as best she can. She’s a bit irritating in a ‘Neve Campbell in the movie Scream’ sort of way. You know… you want her to die first,” she laughs.

Besides Budhoo and Govender, the cast includes Clinton Marius (well-known writer of Lollipop Lane), Mpume Mthombeni, Pauline Dalais, Mariam Bassa, Chante Govender, Jayshree Chetty, Ashika Gangasagar, Ashveer Moodley and Akira Ramnath.

Shedding light on her experience with the crew, Budhoo said: “The cast and crew have been so professional, friendly, hard-working, understanding, generous, dedicated. A family. They have all been amazing on set.

“Dhaveshan is behind the camera. We share the directing aspect.

“I direct the actors and Dhaveshan the technical on-screen directions. Both Dhaveshan and I are extremely passionate about the arts so working closely together always brings feelings of both bliss and torture (laughs).”

Being a horror flick, shooting starts at about 6.30pm and the crew wrap things up the next morning at 5am, with all scenes for that night done.

“This film will show you local artists doing their thing, with top performances to look forward to.

“People can expect to be scared. There has already been so much interest from the public on social networking sites and word of mouth. It’s a full Durban cast and crew. Local is lekker, come on!” she added.