Written and Directed by Radwinn Van Wyk, Tell Me How You Feel, plays this weekend.

A community driven musical theatre show that reveals the life of a young man in pursuit of his dreams starts today until Sunday.

Under the production company Playpen, and written and directed by Radwinn Van Wyk, Tell Me How You Feel, takes audiences on a journey through the hardships of many of the locals living in Sydenham, Durban.

“It’s an uplifting story of a man named Philip (Reagan Tilling) who grew up with his grandmother in a small township flat in Sydenham. In a bid to repay her for all that she’s done for him over the years, he does everything he can to reach his goal of becoming a businessman and owning a poetry lounge and make enough money to provide for her. He also falls in love with Amy (Aqeelah Mohamed) along the way,” said Van Wyk.

There are many twists throughout the plot, some of which make Philip want to give up.

“Just when things seem to be going good for Philip and his new girlfriend, disaster strikes. Philip is faced with some shocking truths that challenge him to the point of nearly giving up.

Van Wyk said the play is universal but uses the Sydenham community as context to the bigger picture. Van Wyk who is also a teacher at Bechet High School, sought help from graduates of the school and pupils to make the production possible.

“I wanted to help the community kids make something of their lives. Most of the time they don’t have an outlet of expression and this leads to them getting involved in drugs, sexual activities or just sitting around idle. One of the other reasons is to restore love and build a strong community,” he said.

Tell Me How You Feel, exemplifies the will to hope, to dream, to believe and to love.

Van Wyk added that the show is also well decorated with original music that was produced specifically for the show.

“We made music specifically for his production. There is also modern dance, comedy and some soul slam poetry that reveals a side to our humanity that we all too often are afraid to face,” he said.


Tell Me How You Feel is being staged at Bechet High School, 34 Barns Road, Sydenham, on May 5 and 6 at 7.30pm and May 7 at 3pm.

Tickets are R100 via Quicket.co.za and kids under 12 pay half price.