Roger Goode
Roger Goode
ON THE BILL: Matthew Mole, pictured, and 5FMs Roger Goode are among the acts who will play at the Neon Run  Durban on Saturday.
ON THE BILL: Matthew Mole, pictured, and 5FMs Roger Goode are among the acts who will play at the Neon Run  Durban on Saturday.

THE party scene in South Africa is changing each year with bigger and better events to look forward to. How could we forget the Colour Fest which included a celebration of different coloured powders combined with out-of-this-world music?

Now there’s another kind of dance party coming your way on Saturday, the Neon Run. Picture thousands of party goers coming together to light up the city with nothing but glowing neon. That’s what you can expect at this event.

Basically, the Neon Run is a wild, crazy experience where people run, cycle, skate or walk a 5km route at night covered in neon accessories and body paint, and at the finish line there will be a neon party with some of South Africa’s hottest artists.

The Neon Run is an international concept and cities like Joburg and Cape Town have already hosted similar events. Now it’s Durban’s turn to share in the enjoyment.

Going down at the Kings Park’s outer fields, on the bill for the party are 5FM DJs Roger Goode, Poppy and Rob Forbes, and artists Matthew Mole, Shortstraw and more.

Tonight caught up with the organiser of the Neon Run – Durban, Tavis Brown. Brown is cheerful as he explains what dance lovers can expect: “This is a unique event in South Africa. A 5km run that ends in a music festival with a glow. People will arrive at 2pm and get their free glow gear. On arrival, we’ll have entertainment and DJs and top South African artists. Then, around 6.30pm, the run starts and we’ll do a 5km route in the surrounding area on the beachfront and will end up at the fest. On the run, there will be two glow zones, like a neon world. And there will be food stalls before and after the run and neon stores, glow glasses and glow gear to add to the vibe.”

Previously held in Joburg and Cape Town, I ask Brown how the response has been?

“Cape Town was fantastic. We had a bit of bad weather, but it was still an amazing turnout. And in Joburg, it was sold out; 12 000 people attended. And we’re expecting the same response in Durban.

“The thing about a party like this is that it’s such value for money. And it’s a unique blend of sport, music and lifestyle. It’s about having fun and really providing value for people. This is new entertainment in South Africa and we want to take it to different cities in the country and put it on the annual calendar.”

With a night filled with neon, sport and music, Brown says those who attend should be prepared to be blown away by the amount of neon and the quality of the music and entertainment in store: “They must be ready to enter another world and have fun. People can let go and relieve their stress. And it’s also open to under-18s, with a separate blocked off area.”

• Catch the Neon Run – Durban on Saturday at Kings Park’s outer fields. Gates open 2pm. Race starts 6.30pm. R90 to R230 at See