Thenjiwe Moseley will perform at the Kings and Queens of Comedy.
Thenjiwe Moseley will perform at the Kings and Queens of Comedy.

SA's top comedians take centre stage this Valentine's Day

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Feb 10, 2020

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It’s time to flex your tummy muscles at this year’s "Kings and Queens of Comedy: Valentine’s Edition" at the Durban ICC.

With a line-up of 13 of the country’s funniest men and women taking to the stage to make light of love, what better way to spend your Valentine’s Day?

We caught up with a few to get their view on love and what to expect at the show.

What does love mean to you?

Thenjiwe Moseley: It’s a socially acceptable form of madness, it’s like having a best friend or a sibling but you can touch each other’s bodies without anyone thinking you need therapy.

Neil Green: It’s a constantly changing feeling, but if you felt it then you know what it feels like and it’s impossible to mistake.

What do you do that gets on your partner’s nerves?

TM: I talk too much, take too long to get ready and host far too many impromptu dinners that turn into parties.

NG: I do 457 things that get on my partner’s nerves. All she does that gets on mine is love me too much.

Are you a romantic?

TM: It depends on what qualifies as romantic because things like candlelight are not romantic to me, they remind me of poverty and load shedding.

NG: My wife doesn’t think I’m a romantic, but I think I am. I once bought her a computer monitor for Valentine’s Day because she had an outdated one.

How do you get your partner to love you more?

TM: Friendship, you must be their go-to person, always assist and ask questions later. They must look forward to coming home. Also, a sense of humour is compulsory.

NG: The three C’s. Chores. Cooking. And something in Latin.

What can we expect from your set?

TM: It’s the month of love so there will be a lot of relationship talk. 2020 is also a leap year, which means ladies can propose, but do such things work in African relationships? After my performance I want people to evaluate their relationships - it’s not enough to be in a relationship if it’s with the wrong person.

NG: An incredibly honest and hilarious look into my love-life, which will ruin my own Valentine’s Day. My wife will be sulking afterwards!

Have you been through a bad breakup, that you look back and laugh at now?

TM: I was in a relationship with an Italian guy who was so obsessed that it became scary. He wouldn’t even let me go to the toilet by myself. One day I took him out to lunch, then left him at the table, drove straight to the airport and flew to Thailand.

NG: I went on a date to a nightclub and waiting for my date to come back to the table, and the bouncer came up to tell me Chantal said the date is over: she’s moved on with her evening and her life.

"Kings and Queens of Comedy: Valentine’s Edition", takes place on February 14 at the Durban ICC. Tickets from R180 at Computicket. There’s a PG16 age restriction.

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