A HOST of Durban entertainers have come aboard and joined the Diakonia Council of Churches and many other NGOs, celebrities and organisations around the globe to support the One Billion Rising campaign which culminates on “V Day”, Valentine’s Day this year.

One show is The Family Players’ Suspects of Love which returns to the stage this weekend.

Derek Pearce, Greg Baptie, Roland Stansell and Alan Quihampton present a comical lip-sync drag show that looks at the ups and downs of love.

Stansell said the show is intended to be a spoof and ventures a little on to the naughty side of love.

“It’s a parody on what Valentine’s Day is all about, so it is all about the aspects of love that you don’t hear about over Valentine’s Day.

“We take a comic look at the ups and downs of falling in love.

“Let’s face it, nine times out of ten it’s not as perfect as you want,” he said.

People in KwaZulu-Natal are invited to show their support for the One Billion Rising anti-abuse campaign by wearing black, with a splash of red, on the day.

Commenting on their support for the One Billion Rising campaign, Stansell said the more we stand up and make a noise about violence against women and children, the more the issue will stand out in people’s minds.

“For me it is also a very personal issue. Often gay men are mistaken for being paedophiles… About 20 years ago in fact, it was quite common to read headlines along the lines of “Gay man arrested for child abuse”, and we would kick up a fuss and actually he’s not gay, he’s a paedophile.

“Now, while it doesn’t happen in the media anymore, that misconception is still out there in people’s minds.

“So for me personally it is quite important to differentiate between the two.

“So it’s more of a personal issue for me and at the same time we get to stand up against violence against women and children,” explained Stansell.

So if you thought you knew all that you needed to know about life, love, Valentine’s, marriage and relationships, the Family Players invite you to let Ruby Wacked, Alexa, Burley Chassis and Cut Glass Cathy show you their side of life, love, Valentine’s, marriage and relationships.

• Suspects of Love stages from February 14 to 17, with shows at 7.30pm on Valentine’s Day, 8pm on Friday and Saturday and 6.30pm on Sunday. R100 a ticket. Bring picnic baskets. Book at Computicket or on 031 205 7602 or [email protected]