Beyond the Mind

CAST: Gilan Gork

VENUE: The Playhouse Theatre

RATING: 4 stars (out of 5)

Valencia Govindasamy

WITH a piece of silverware in hand, I – along with the rest of the audience – eagerly awaited the world-acclaimed mentalist, Gilan Gork (pictured) as he took to the stage to demonstrate his ability to bend metal in the palm of his hands. And he did not let us down.

The mentalist staged three shows, Beyond the Mind, last week, taking the audience on a journey into their minds and the minds of others.

In a three-hour intuitive show, Gork shares his talent and allows audience members the opportunity to join him on stage and unlock their own minds.

The great thing about this show is that it entertains and enlightens on issues regarding a person’s mental abilities.

And what made things interesting is that there was no possible way any bit of the show could have been rehearsed or planned. Random members from the crowd were chosen by playing the good old game of hot potato, whereby once the music stops, the last person holding the object (in this case, a bouncing ball) is selected to join in the fun on stage.

Ten contestants were selected and throughout the show, Gork tests them with a series of challenges until there are finally two contestants left standing.

Along the way, he gives the chosen participants the opportunity to read the minds of the other audience members – wand, to our surprise, they were completely accurate each time around.

What was more impressive was Gork’s episode of lucid dreams that kept the audience engaged and thoroughly engrossed.

It was extraordinary when an audience member was selected once again, but this time, she was linked to a dream machine which displayed her exact dream and thoughts on screen for the entire crowd to watch and experience with her.

As the audience member tapped into her dreams, we were given the opportunity to share her thoughts and her personal life, which was a truly touching and intimate experience.

Using his expertise, Gork then communicated a special message to her that was vivid in her dream. Remarkably, he understood exactly what was going on in her head.

Saving the best for last, Gork explained his fascination with bending metal objects.

And I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen if for myself, but he bent the items which he collected from the audience without physically touching them.

It was much like a magic show as the spoons and forks the audience carried miraculously bent in his hands before our very eyes.

Not only is Gork a gifted mentalist, but he is also an entertaining host.

Throughout the show he was bubbly and cheerful.

Gork’s ‘Beyond the Mind’ was a very interactive and dynamic show which makes it hard not to enjoy. An amazing experience of unlocking and exploring the mind.