TALENTED TRIO: Popular funny men Koobeshen Naidoo, Henry Ramkissoon and Senzo Mthethwa will try to figure out what the fairer sex want in their new show, What Women Want.

DINGALINGS productions head full force into Women’s Month with three shows that pay tribute to the fairer sex, starting with the new show, What Women Want.

The show, a frank take on women from all walks of life, starts this weekend and will be followed by two different shows at different venues over the next two weekends.

We caught up with the female quotient of the Dingalings package, Kumseela Naidoo, to find out what it was like to be the only rose among the thorns in the production company, and to learn more about the shows in relation to celebrating women next month.

For her, working with men has its benefits: “It has its perks, to work with two married and one almost-married man. They are trained so they know how far to push the boundaries,” she laughs.

“It’s also great working with comedians because nothing gets to them. Everything is funny, but under all the mirth the penny does drop.

“Fortunately we have been working together a long time so we have grown together as performers. And under Yugan Naidoo’s watch- ful guidance all players will do what is best for the show. To respect audiences and not to short-change them is always at the back of our heads,” she explains.

“But I’d appreciate it if they considered baking a batch of biscuits or bringing some moorkoo like the female cast members do!”

We chat a bit more about Dingalings’s new show, What Women Want.

“It takes a candid look at women in all spheres of life and this August the Dingalings men take time to honour all the women they annoy daily.

“They explore the possibility that if women themselves don’t know what they want, there is perhaps is no definite answer to the time immemorial question.

“The show is a mix of comic skits detailing women in various scenarios and then it’s laugh-a-minute stand-up comedy by the comedy masters themselves, Koobeshen Naidoo, Henry Ramkissoon and Senzo Mthethwa.

This promises to be the best laugh audiences have had all year… a perfect outing as a guys night out or a ladies evening away.”

Kumseela said it was important for them as an artistic company to pay tribute to women at a time when the spotlight is on Women’s Month.

“In spite of the successes women have become and created in society they are still seen as the weaker sex.

“It is imperative that we constantly educate women and men on the equal roles of the sexes.

“Theatre and drama are a window to the world, they create the vehicle for audiences to candidly assess their own behaviour in the characters and situations they observe on stage and to unlearn old habits and beliefs.

“We also firmly believe that through laughter, lessons become more palatable and are easier to swallow,” she explained.

What Women Want runs at iZulu Theatre at Sibaya Casino from August 1-3.

Investigated by three self-confessed “women connoisseurs” the comedians take audiences on a hilarious journey.

From the spoilt housewife at a pamper spa (as the three comedians are pictured) to the no nonsense businesswoman, the funny men discover what makes women from all spheres of life tick.

The show is directed by Kumseela and promises to be a gag a minute.

The production carries an 18 age restriction and tickets at a cost of R120 can be purchased at Computicket/Shoprite/Checkers.

• After this run, over the next two weeks, audiences can enjoy two other Dingalings offerings. These are Wed-Dingalings – Night Before from August 8 to 10 at Suncoast; and For Better or Worse from August 4 to 17 at The Catalina Theatre. See our Boardwalk Theatre Listings for more details on these shows.