Fleologist Dr Dhaveshan (Dhaveshan Govender) and world famous opera singing sensation, Duchess de Budhoo (Shika Budhoo).


DIRECTOR: Clinton Marius

CAST: Dhaveshan Govender and Shika Budhoo

VENUE: The Catalina Theatre

UNTIL: January 9


After having written his award winning two-page fleasis on everything you need to know about fleas, Dr Dhaveshan (Dhaveshan Govender) is now travelling about town to bring children The Fantastical Flea Circus which has now stopped for a run at The Catalina Theatre.

Catch Flea-Anne on the trapeze; Bruce-flea the world’s strongest flea, Flearoy and his cannonball stunt and the great Fleadini and his disappearing act.

Clinton Marius (writer/director) has put together a funny and entertaining show for his first-time kiddies production.

Although the script gets off to a slow start with the kiddies getting a bit restless, it picks up to an entertaining pace with truly fantastical fleas that do wonders through their balancing acts, high diving performances, displays of amazing strength and more.

These tricks are clearly the highlight of the show for the children as was evident by acts that literally had the kids at Friday’s show jumping out of their seats trying to figure out how the fleas performed certain tricks. A hit was the “balancing act” and the high-diving act.

In-between the flea acts Duchess de Budhoo (Shika Budhoo) performs her medflea of songs to entertain children, combined with the rantings between her and Dr Dhaveshan.

Dhaveshan and Shika have once again pulled off great on-stage synergy (as they are continually becoming known for in their different productions) and jest to keep the crowd amused.

The Fantastical Flea Circus is a good holiday entertainment offering for children.

lThe Fantastical Flea Circus will play at Durban’s Catalina Theatre on Wilson’s Wharf until January 9, with daily performances at 11h00. Tickets are R45. Optional boat rides at an extra R15. Book now on 031- 305 6889. - Daily News