Dingalings Productions latest romp  Bust(s)  is a laugh-a-minute offering that wraps up this week. Pictured are the cast (from left), Henry Ramkissoon, Melvyn David, Ravi Soobramoney, Koobeshen Naidoo and Senzo Mthethwa. Picture: Supplied


DIRECTOR: Kumseela Naidoo

CAST: Henry Ramkissoon, Melvyn David, Ravi Soobramoney, Koobeshen Naidoo and Senzo Mthethwa.


UNTIL: June 2


Two genres of entertainment always guaranteed to pull a crowd are comedy and nostalgic music shows/tribute shows.

Combine the two and you have a cracker on your hands. And this is what Dingalings Productions have done in their show, Bust(s).

The story of five friends who land in hot water with the law after a night out at a strip club, Bust(s) is a laugh-a-minute show that journeys with the group from their brief time in jail, through the lies some tell to prevent their wives learning of the arrests, to their community service sentence – playing music for the residents of an old-age home.

Laced into the witty script are the characters, mirror images of some of the funny characters we have in our families and communities. A celebration of these communities, the show taps into common experiences in these cultural circles – from the food we eat to the get-togethers in a friend’s garage, to the music we listen to and more.

The cast of multitalented comedians/actors – Henry Ramkissoon, Melvyn David, Ravi Soobramoney, Koobeshen Naidoo and Senzo Mthethwa – ensure that you walk away with sore cheek muscles from all the laughing. The cast’s synergy on stage means the show flows and seems less like a stage performance. Their subtle interaction with the audience makes the show great fun and this is done particularly well by Ramkissoon and Naidoo, who are sharp with latching on to things coming out of the audience.

The entire cast put on an excellent performance. That said, Ramkissoon deserves special mention for his comedic role, which also sees him juggling the role of the stereotype nurse who is so busy with her life that she seems oblivious to her actual job.

David also deserves a mention for his understated role; his is one of the funniest characters of the lot.

Playing the “slow” friend of the group, David will have you in stitches with his ditzy character.

But that is just on the comedy front. During the second half, the old-school music component is introduced when the friends are preparing for their community service in music rehearsals.

This is a nostalgic trip down memory lane celebrating the hits from yesteryear’s Durban music greats.

From songs sung by Steve Fataar and The Flames to a host of other hits that reverberated at the likes of venues like The Island Hotel to the vibe of Paradise and the Himalaya Hotel.

In this half the cast get to flaunt their live music skills playing keyboards (David), electrical drums (Mthethwa), electric guitar (Soobramoney), bass (Ramkissoon), tabla (Mthethwa) and percussion (Naidoo).

A wonderfully nostalgic offering.

* Bust(s) runs until Sunday at the Catalina Theatre at Wilson’s Wharf and moves to Suncoast Supernova on June 1 and 2. No under-16s. Tickets for Catalina Theatre at 031 305 6889 or www.strictlytickets.com For Suncoast Supernova, tickets through Cinecentre at 086 125 6300. All tickets R100. Block booking concessions at Catalina for fund-raisers. Enquiries [email protected]