Sundowner Festivals. Picture: Supplied

One of the newer changes to the National Arts Festival is the Sundowner Festivals that take place at 1820 Settlers Monument from 5pm to 6pm.

Armed with paper cups filled with a hot beverage of the choice (Mine has consistently been hot chocolate throughout the fest) festinos (when I heard the term for the first time I was also surprised at how this is a thing) gather to watch a snapshot of some of the shows that the festival has to offer. 

Besides that the view outside is simple gorgeous as the sunsets over Makhanda, the voices that rise to the rafters of the Monument building fill the air with an electricity that is sure to have you in the festival gees

ProTip: It's also a fabulous way to add shows onto your what to see list.

So far the festival has seen performances by: 
-iPhupho L’ka Biko
- My silence is talkative 
- Nthapelle 
- Emthongeni

And many other performers that are a part of the festival's official line up. To see who’s performing tonight, check out: and find the Sundowner Festival on the page!