Nelson Mandela. Picture: Supplied

The world’s largest Mandela Cake will be unveiled at Sandton City Centre Court on Saturday, July 28. 

The cake is being created by celebrity cake artist Dorothy Klerck in support of Cupcakes for Hope; a non-profit company and public benefit organisation that raises awareness of childhood cancer as well as funds for kids with cancer, as part of the continuation of the Nelson Mandela centenary celebrations.

Television and radio personality and cancer survivor Mark Pilgrim will be hosting an outdoor Broadcast live from the centre court in Sandton City, from 9am till 12pm.

Taking to her Instagram account, Klerck posted snippets of the cake.

And we #begin #mandelacupcakechallenge #eatcakeparty #sculpture

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The Chocolate cake sculpture is almost ready:

He has #hands!!! #mandelacupcakechallenge #eatcakeparty #sculpture #chocolate

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The final product will be unveiled on Saturday, July 28.

#progress of the #mandelacupcakechallenge #eatcakeparty #sculpture #chocolate

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