Swiss rockers Dreamshade. Photo: Supplied
Swiss rockers Dreamshade. Photo: Supplied

Dreamshade on its musical evolution, SA tour

By Masego Panyane Time of article published Feb 16, 2019

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They’ve  already played Cape Town and Port  Elizabeth, and Pretoria  and Joburg on Saturday night. The band is comprised of Kevin Cali,
Fernando “Fella” Di Cicco, Rocco  Ghielmini, Gian-Andrea Costa and  Serafino “Sera” Chiommino. Masego  Panyane caught up with guitarist
Fella to find out about the evolution  of the band and what they’ve been  looking forward to most in South  Africa.

This is not your first time in SA. What were the highlights of your tour a few years ago?

In 2014 we fell in love with the  country and the people. We’ve been  speaking about that tour ever since  and waiting to be able to come back!
We were surprised by the audiences  in each city and all the enthusiasm.  We also had some great experiences  apart from the shows: we went wine
tasting, shark diving and tried a lot  of different food. Hopefully this time  we’ll have time to go to the sea!

What are you looking forward to most this time?

Hugging all the friends we made  last time and meeting new ones! We  want to have a great time and deliver  some sick shows!

How would you describe your style of music?

Ha! I always feel like this is the  hardest question in the world. We mix  a lot of music genres together since we  really listen to every kind of music.  Dreamshade music is a blend of  melody, epicness, heavy sound, clean  production, and uplifting lyrics.
The song lyrics are very personal  and we’ve always had a super-strong  relationship with our fans for this  reason. They share their experiences
with us and vice versa.

How has the band and its music evolved since 2006, when it was formed?

The band went through some  member changes. In our original  line-up we had a different singer  called Iko and a keyboard player called Rawi, and that lasted until our first  album "What Silence Hides" (2011).  Both left that same year. After that  we hired Kevin as the new vocalist,  while Rocco (the other former  guitarist) and I started working on all  the keyboards, synths and electronics  and I also started singing.  Our second record, "The Gift Of Life,"  was released in 2013 and was already  musically different, as we kept the  melodic metal influence and added a  lot of hardcore and punk influences,
together with electro and pop ideas.  Gian-Andrea joined the band as  a bass player in 2014, right after the  South African tour, and also started  taking care of most of the synth  department.

The third album, "Vibrant," was  released at the end of 2016 and  featured many new and different  influences. Luca joined as a guitar  player in 2017 after Rocco went to  live abroad. Rocco is still part of the  project but can’t play shows.  The last album the band  released was "Vibrant". When can
fans expect the next release?  After Vibrant we toured a lot and  self-released a new single called "On  My Own" in mid-2018, and we’ve  just released another single, Question  Everything, two weeks ago. We have  some really cool material but are still  deciding if we want to make an album
out of it or keep releasing singles.  We’ll talk about that soon.
What is your absolute  favourite song to perform live?

All the band members have  different opinions on our songs, that’s  why I can only speak for myself.  My personal favourite song to play  live is Sandcastles, from "The Gift Of  Life". It’s just super fun to play on the guitar and makes people go do crazy things in the pit!
What can audiences expect from the sets you’re performing here?

We’re actually running polls in  each FB event for every city of the  tour asking people to vote for the  songs that they want to hear live.  We started rehearsals a while back,  and I think people can really expect to  have a lot of fun.  If you have a friend who doesn’t  know Dreamshade, you should invite  him or her to one of the shows. We’re  different live !

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