Hip-hop Entity making waves

By Time of article published Nov 2, 2005

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Do you know the reason why rappers change their names to things like 50 Cent or Eminem or Dr Dre? According to new kids on the hip-hop block, Entity, it's to give their name depth and maintain some street cred.

A name like John has no meaning to a hip-hop kid. Wasn't he some guy who lived in biblical times? And when I say kids, I mean kids. Entity consists of three Grade 11 boys from St John's College: AKA and Greyhound are 17 and Vice Versa is 16.

They've also been nominated for a Kora All Africa Music Award in the Hip-Hop category for their debut album, The Royal School of Hip-Hop.

“We didn't realise the magnitude of the Koras,” acknowledge these intelligent, well-spoken boys. “It's not that important to win a Kora here in South Africa, but it's really big in the rest of Africa.”

The group started in 2002 and already have an album out through Creative Kingdom, a video on Channel O and as many gigs as they can handle.

They claim, however, that this new-found career is not interfering with their schooling. “We put school above everything else. For now music comes second. We decided to enter the music industry now because we can. We're young, we have the talent and the opportunity, so why not?”

So just what do their names mean?

Greyhound answers first: “When I was younger I had big ears and a small body and could run really fast.”

AKA says his name derives from the fact that he is a different person to different people in his life. “To my mother, I am her son. To Vice Versa and Greyhound, I am a friend.”

Vice Versa explains his name: “Firstly, it is a pun on verse writing in the hip-hop tradition. Secondly, my father is black and my mother is white so I can see both sides of the spectrum.”

Entity want to make careers in the entertainment industry. “We're young and have lots of energy. Plus hip-hop is starting to pick up now.”

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