The Migos trio of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff performed at the Durban ICC on Friday night as part of their Migos SA Culture Tour. PICTURES: SIBUSISO NDLOVU/ANA

Sunday Twitter was lit after numerous problems and subsequent scandals at the Migos Culture Tour in Johannesburg on Saturday night.

'Skrr Skrr' fans from across the country had been looking forward to the arrival of Migos consisting of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff. 

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While the Durban leg of the tour seemingly went ahead with little hiccups, the same could not be said for the Joburg leg that took place on Saturday. 

Apparently, when ticket holders got the entrance they discovered they venue had run out of tags for the Golden Circle area.

Then according to fans at the show, there was a stampede in the venue for the Golden Circle section. 

This, however, was only the beginning, by 9pm none of the opening acts had taken the stage and the crowd started getting rowdy.  

Finally after 10pm, Nasty C took the stage which helped ease the angry of the crowd with him even bringing out Boity as a guest rapper which shocked both the concert goers and the Twitterverse. After his performance there was yet another break which left concert goers very confused. Migos finally took the stage after 11pm and the concert ended before midnight. But what really sent Twitter into overdrive, was a tweet by @Shamiso_ on Sunday, who claimed that she was called by Quavo to the VIP section at Taboo night club. This then triggered Twitter user @Zane_Da_Phoenix with him claiming that Shamiso was courted by Mabala Noise to be a "stocko" for the Migos. Shamiso's mother then jumped in with hopes of defusing the situation. However, Files Twitter found a contradictions in her statement. After this Sunday Twitter had a field day with all the reponses and even commmented on the inappropriate use of the word "stocko".