Usually we jog, or walk our dogs in the park. It is a place designed to provide us with some sort of relief from our harsh, loud industrialised lives. It comes as no surprise to find a guy with a book or an old lady dozing on one of the park benches.

Now, to disrupt those serene images, this weekend is the DJ in the Park event. Brought to you by Matrix Warehouse, the gig boasts a stellar DJ line-up that includes Lady Lea, Euphonik, Milkshake, Lcnvl, Vyn Deysel, Roger Goode and Crazy White Boy.

“We are really excited about this event because it is our first time there,” said Andrew Chaplin from Lcnvl.

With all the artists competing for fans on the day, Chaplin said they were going to play some classic hits and new material.

“We plan to have a 45-minute to one-hour set and hopefully do enough to please our fans. We have a new sound that we have been messing around with so it should be good to see how people respond to that,” said Chaplin.

For him the idea of having a gig that spans 12 hours is great, but he doubts people will be able to listen non-stop.

“It is going to be a challenge, but a good one, I suppose,” he said.

Cape town duo Crazy White Boy, also expressed excitement about doing the show.

“We are really happy to come through and take part in this DJ marathon,” said Ryan Murgatroyd.

“We are looking at playing a whole hour of some of our best material so far. I think it will also be a great place to try out our new music. We have another two new tracks we think our fans will enjoy,” Murgatroyd continued.

Getting deeper into the sound they plan to play, Murgatroyd described how they made it and the effects they added.

“We have actually started a new way of production where we build everything loud. Sometimes we will play it loud with various intricate unique sounds fusing in as we go, making it live house music. It is really fun to watch and to listen to,” he said.

Looking at the line-up, Murgatroyd is excited to play the music with several artists who are coming through: “We are personal friends with a lot of them. It will be fun to see Roger again. We have already performed with Lcnvl (pictured) and they were great to watch,” he said.

• The show will be held on Saturday at the Sports and Recreation Centre, Linmeyer, Joburg, from 9.30am. Tickets R300 from