SENSUOUS: German Cornejo and Gisela Galeass in Tango Fire.

Flames of Desire
PERFORMERS: The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires
Director of choreography: German Cornej
VENUE: The Mandela at Joburg Theatre
UNTIL: February 23
RATING: ****


Legs whipping, darting, coiling and slicing with pinpoint precision. Torsos swollen with pride and seductive pleasure. Arms clasping in passionate embrace – touching, caressing, clutching and melting.

Sensuality in every curve and angle; passion permeating every pose. This is the fervour of the Argentine tango – the infatuating quintessence of zealous vivacity.

Flames of Desire embodies the soul of authentic Argentine tango, the very spirit of Latino panache.

The meticulousness of the choreography by German Cornejo is hypnotic and typifies the punch of perfect poetry.

The troupe of 10 dancers is flawlessly sculpted and moves with astonishing technical prowess and mesmerising stylistic flair.

The magic of this production lies in its integrity. Not once does it rely on gimmicks or forced theatricalities. Flames of Desire, without fail, explores its unique and inimitable character and transports one to a world of pounding ardour.

The music of Piazzolla, Mores, Gardel, Rodriguez and other tango greats is masterfully performed by Quarteto Fuego. Clemente Carrascal, Estefania Corsini, Matias Feigin and Facundo Benavidez are astounding musicians who thrill with their soulful performances. Singer Jesus Hidalgo brings lustre to the production with his poignant interpretations of stirring Argentine songs.

Do not expect Blackpool glitterati, razzmatazz and teased-up coiffes in this production. This is the real thing. It is a true celebration of the rhythmic magnificence of Argentine dance.

It is not to be missed.