Sexologists feel that the best present you can get your partner is an adult intimacy product.
Johannesburg - Sexpo is a big deal in my industry and its coming to you on March 22.

It’s an opportunity for the retailers, educators and entertainers to showcase their wares.

I am always fascinated by the vast range of reviews that follow the show. Some hate it, some love it and many say it’s not what they expected. But as they say in the classics, you can’t please everyone.

This year, not only is there a date change, but a venue and time change as well. So be warned.

Sexpo will run from March 22 to 25 at the Sandton Convention Centre. The March date means we no longer have to compete with all the festivals and exhibitions that compete with our target market. With the move to Sandton, we are hoping those of you who are too afraid to go south of Rosebank will make an effort to attend.

Why would you want to attend? For a start, it’s the one opportunity you will get to see most of the industry under one roof. You will see hundreds of toys; many will look the same and you may be a bit overwhelmed. You will be able to find out about courses, teachers, healers and lifestyles ranging from kink to swinging. The wonderful thing about all of this is that you can be a voyeur, with no shaming or blaming. It is an opportunity to explore.

The entertainment is always fun. This year, one of the main attractions is “Thunder from Down Under”. They are the most delicious, sexy hunks from Australia who take their clothes off! I, for one, am going to be in that front row.

They have just appeared in the US at one of the largest adult expos and now they are coming here. I am so excited, I might even get my tummy autographed!

Ms Nude will be crowned at Sexpo this year and the amateur strip tease competition is always entertaining. For those of you who are dedicated porn star watchers, some of the biggest names in the industry will be here. You can get your photo taken with them, get them to autograph your favourite movie and see that they are actually human. I love chatting to them. These women are sharp business women who have forgotten things I still have to learn.

The one really crazy thing about the adult industry is just how willing everyone is to educate. We all know how difficult it is to break out of the traditional narrow-minded and guilt-ridden view of sex. Sexpo does everything to dispel this.

Attend one of the many workshops to increase your knowledge about topics ranging from How to choose your first toy, Anal Sex 101, Top 10 Sex Tips and many more. There will be interviews with Annabel Peaks, arguably the world top Cam Girl at the moment.

Is Sexpo edgy? Yes it is and we wouldn’t want it any other way. There would be very little point if it was all vanilla and no Grrr! Some of us try to tone it down a bit, so when you find yourself looking for sanctuary, find the Lola Montez Stand. You’ll recognise us by the purple tent.

Visiting Sexpo requires an open mind and comfortable shoes! You can rush through in an hour or you can spend the entire evening.

This year, the days and times Sexpo is open have changed. The exhibition is running from Wednesday to Saturday. On Wednesday and Thursday, it opens at midday and runs till 11, so pop in after golf! On Friday, the show is open from 12 to 12 and on Saturday doors open at 11 and stay that way till midnight.

The social media campaign is going to be insane, so start following it by subscribing to their feeds.

Twitter is @SexpoSA,or even better, you can follow me @SaSexpert or join my Facebook page for details on competitions, specials, workshops, etc.

For more info, you can also e-mail me: [email protected]