John Vlismas at the Comics' Choice Awards nominees announcement. Picture: Twitter

John Vlismas is one of the kings of dark comedy. The veteran stand-up comedian refuses to play it safe. And that’s what people love him for. This month, he pushes the envelope a little more than he previously has as he debuts his new show, "The End".

The title does not refer to the comedian’s career, thankfully. It refers to death. The end for each and every one of us. The ultimate full stop. The one-man show will run in the Studio at Pieter Toerien’s Theatre at Montecasino from April 24 to June 2.

It has been described as “by far his most personal, raw, dark and deeply funny show. He will take you into the psychology of death, illustrate the lengths we will go too to pretend it won’t happen and finally take you to site of his beloved Dad’s last breath.”   

The best thing about comedy is that it uses humour to alter your perspective on even the most serious things. This Comics’ Choice Awards co-founder’s new show, "The End," is likely to do that with death.