Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde.

Published Sep 12, 2003


Star rating: **

Director: Charles Herman Wurmfeld

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Bob Newhart, Sally Scott

Running time: 100 min

Age restriction: PG

Reese Witherspoon's mighty fine portrayal of a blonde with deep-rooted intelligence is not enough to save Legally Blonde 2: Red, Hot and Blonde.

The follow-up to the fluke hit first instalment, Legally Blonde, where Elle Woods surprises all by working and winning her way through law school at Harvard, is actually a bit of a dud.

It starts on a weak footing and gets a bit childish with a tale of a couple in love and Elle's relationship with her dog, Bruiser, a chihuahua. And the thrills and slapstick gags only kick in later, when the audience is already half asleep.

Elle, now qualified as a lawyer, sets up her wedding to her beau, played by Luke Wilson. Only thing: nothing can proceed without an invitation being sent to Bruiser's mom.

After finding her in a house of perfumes where animals are experimented on, Elle postpones her wedding, moves state and takes up the cudgels on behalf of the voiceless.

Sally Scott plays the goodie goodie with a hint of evil in her. She's the head of a law firm where Elle will work.

Hailing from the same college as Elle and being of the same type, she initially sets out to help her. Political power play rules and in a bid to make things work so that man and animal may live happily ever after, Elle has to come up with Bruiser's bill.

Bob Newhart makes a guest appearance to help our heroine save the day and the dogs. Elle thwarts all opposition with cute and smart solutions, meets a list of uninspiring people who turn out to have hearts of gold and finds her dog having homosexual sex.

Watch Legally Blonde 2 if you're absolutely desperate for a stupid night out.

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