SABC3 adult variety show moved to a later timeslot

Published Aug 11, 2003


Following a number of complaints, SABC3 has moved the adult variety show Below the Belt to a later timeslot. It now airs on Tuesdays at 10.30pm instead of 10pm.

In response to the move, the controversial Baroness has issued an unrepentant statement declaring "a moral crusade against those that suck the joy out of life by imposing their narrow-minded dictates on the rest of us".

The outraged Baroness said, via satellite phone on a flight from Zurich to Paris: "It is a pity that a minuscule minority has the arrogance to dictate what is appropriate for South African adults."

She called on her fans to support her "struggle to liberate South Africa from rigid thought, repressed sexuality and the tyranny of bored blue-rinses".

Marc Schwinges, the show's executive producer, said that "of the more than 400 e-mails, phone calls, faxes and letters received, every single one has been of delight, support and positive interest.

"Aside from the occasional bitchy comment on the Baroness's dress sense," he added.

"This is the first local television show that engages with South African adults, as adults," said the show's other executive producer Luiz DeBarros.

"We're growing up as a nation. While the show's timeslot will change, the content will remain as fascinating and as provocative as ever."

SABC3 remains supportive of the show, bolstered by its healthy ratings.

"We believe the series gives a fascinating and informative look at alternative culture, but we have since concluded that it might be more appropriate in a later timeslot", explained Hannelie Bekker, head of programming for SABC3.

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