London - Kendra Wilkinson plans to start trying for another baby in “a couple of months”.

The former Playboy bunny - who has one-year-old son Hank Junior with husband Hank Baskett - is looking forward to becoming a mother for the second time, but first she is keen to get her latest business venture, Love Candy (a lingerie and toy line), up and running.

She said: “I do have my Love Candy line coming out. After that launches, that's when we'll start planning baby number two. We're going to start trying in a couple months.”

Last month, Kendra was spotted buying a home pregnancy test, and while the result came back negative, leaving her feeling “a little bit” upset, the 27-year-old beauty admits it also gave her “another boost”.

She explained: “I did think I was pregnant because I was feeling a little crazy. When I found out I wasn't, it gave me another boost. In another way, I was a little bit bummed. I kind of wanted a positive.”

Kendra is enjoying motherhood so much she sometimes tries to sneak her son out of pre-school a little early just to spend more quality time with him.

She added to Yahoo Omg: “I was telling Hank, 'We've got to go get him’. He says, 'But it's too early’. And I'm like, 'It's okay’.”

“I've been caught up in trying to take Little Hank out of school early, and the school is like, 'Leave him in school!' It's so hard. He hates it. It's been really hard for him.” - Bang Showbiz