110912. Steve Hofmeyr on the red carpet before the beginning of the show, "The Roast of Steve of Steve Hofmeyr" at Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City in Johannesburg. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko

He Is described on his Wikipedia page as “a South African singer, songwriter and actor” – most of the time.

But thanks to the “edit page” feature on that internet-based depository of all knowledge, Steve Hofmeyr found himself with a revised history yesterday.

For about 30 viral minutes, Hofmeyr was rewritten as “a prominent member of the Mormon Church split group, known as The Morons, who believe members should conceive as many children with as many women as possible”.

The article went on to label Hofmeyr as the honorary chairman of “Avrikaanirs met Leer Probleme (Afrikaners with Learning Disabilities), which he often consults for ideas for his songs and lyrics”.

“He moonlights as the popular drag queen, Eugèniè, in an act involving horses and pumpkins,” it said.

An apparently unfazed Hofmeyr tweeted: “Almost weekly. We don’t even bother.”

Well, sort of. Shortly afterwards, the page was re-edited to its original and much less colourful form. But not before it was spread across social media platforms.

“Whoever wrote Steve Hofmeyr’s Wikipedia entry deserves an award. So accurate!” tweeted singing comedian Deep Fried Man.

“I bet no one hacked Steve Hofmeyr’s Wiki page,” said Dichabe Lebotse. “He just finally saw himself for who he is, and decided to inform the world.” – Kristen van Schie