Hugh Jackman

Is actor Hugh Jackman considering a career in the WWE?

The Wolverine star will notch up his second WWE appearance next week as he promotes his new film X-Men: Days of Future’s Past.

The 45-year-old Jackman first appeared on WWE’s flagship program Raw back in 2011. Jackman punched the then US-champion Dolph Ziggler, which allowed underdog Zack Ryder to secure a surprise win. Ziggler, then a villain, is now a crowd favourite. He complimented Jackman on Twitter in an apparent attempt to mend fences with the buff movie star.

“Saw new XMen trailer w/ Hugh Jackman do you even lift, bro?,” he joked. Later, he added that Hugh is “JACK-ed Like Xavier/Magneto, should we bury the hatchet?”

Jackman’s return to the WWE is proof of his star power. Other celebrities have previously tried to tap into the popularity of the WWE, with humiliating results.

According to the Daily Mail, Jeremy Piven was infamously booed by an entire arena back in 2009 after the Entourage star inadvertently called the upcoming SummerSlam event “Summerfest”. WWE fans are notoriously hostile towards outsiders.

The last time Jackman appeared on Raw, he was there to promote his film Real Steel. This action flick about a man and his fighting robot earning a tidy sum of just under $300-million.

Jackman’s last Wolverine film earned $400-million, and the new X-Men movie could well be his biggest hit yet.