Tom Holland and Zendaya. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Hollywood actress Zendaya has revealed that her first meeting with Tom Holland was "super awkward".

The 20-year-old actress stars alongside Tom, 21, in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' and although the duo have since become really close friends, Tom doesn't recall their first encounter too fondly.

Zendaya shared: "He says when we first met it was super awkward because he went for a handshake and I went for a hug.

"But I don't remember that. I thought it was cool."

However, the Hollywood star admitted to being anxious when she first came across Tom, because she feared her height advance might prove to be a problem.

Speaking to Variety magazine, Zendaya said: "I was worried because he's so much shorter than me.

"I was like, 'Damn it! It's going to be weird because I'm super tall.' But then we ended up doing the audition sitting. So that was good."

Zendaya, who is biracial, also revealed she doubted whether she'd be cast in the role of Michelle 'MJ' Jones in the 'Spider-Man' movie because of her background.

She explained: "A lot of time, the thought process of an actor of colour is 'I'm going to go and give it my best shot, but they are probably not going to go with an actor of colour for this.'

"We all think it. I didn't know they were going to switch up the characters and really cast the best people for the roles, instead of what's most like the comic book. I think that was the coolest part for me, knowing they embraced the diversity."

Meanwhile, Tom previously described Zendaya as his "best friend" and praised her for helping him to navigate fame.

He said: "We are like the best of friends. She's so great and amazing.

"I'm a little worried [about dealing with fame ... but] Zendaya is super famous and she's been through this and I just call her up and say, 'How do I manage being famous?' I'm very glad I have a friend like her."