Professor Logambal Souprayen-Carvey of Reunion Island will showcase Bharat Natyam dance tonight.
DURBAN - It is expected to be a night of creative expression and cultural appreciation at the KZNSA Art Gallery when Bharat Natyam dancer Logambal Souprayen-Carvey of Reunion Island takes to the stage tonight.

“It’s always a challenge as soon as you get on stage, you have to come with all your energy and connect with the audience, capturing them with emotion through your eyes,” said Souprayen-Carvey, who will be performing in South Africa for the third time.

She will perform for an hour, captivating her audience by storytelling through Bharat Natyam, using hand gestures and intense facial expressions.

Souprayen-Carvey, who started dancing when she was eight, and is also a college professor teaching French, said it’s always something special when she performs in South Africa.

“My profession as a professor is to take care of my family, while dancing is a passion.

“It helps to rejuvenate me and gives me energy to balance everything in my life.”

During the hour-and-a-half traditional recital of Bharat Natyam, her solo performance will tell many stories. “The story about the power of women will have a link with the Hinduism Goddess; this will be the main piece.”

Having performed all over the world, including Australia and France, Souprayen-Carvey also owns a dance school, The Indian Institute of Indian Arts, in Reunion.

“Audiences show up in their numbers to my shows. People are interested in the Indian culture but when I am in South Africa it’s always something special.

“There’s that special connection because Indians in Reunion are descendants of indentured Indian labourers like those here.

“This makes me feel very close to the South African audience,” she added.

Souprayen-Carvey’s performance starts at 7pm at the KZNSA Art Gallery.

Tickets cost R120. Contact: [email protected]