Durban - Intersec tions is the theme of  the 24th International Symposium on  Electronic Art playing out in Durban this week  creating a city-wide showcase of dozens of workshops, exhibitions, presentations, talks,  events, installations, walks, festivals and activities, and a major global conference on new  media art. Here's your guide to the events

Academic programme

24th International Symposium on Electronic Art
DUT City Campus: 25-27 June -  Delegates only
An academic symposium at DUT which comprises peer-reviewed papers, panels and  keynote presentations for registered delegates travelling from around the world. ISEA  symposia are coordinated by ISEA International. Founded in the Netherlands in 1990,  ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) is an international  non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange  among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and  technology. ISEA International Headquarters is supported by the University of Brighton  (UK).

DUT City Campus: 25-27 June
In its fifth year, the Durban University of Technology’s Arts and Design Digital Festival  is a celebration of the arts and technology. It seeks to facilitate inter disciplinary teaching  and learning practices in design, creative and performing arts, as well as to showcase  student and staff work. This year Digifest will be incorporated in the 24th  International Symposium on Electronic Art alongside Innovate Durban’s 2018 Innovation
Festival in a strategy to build a local partnership and legacy.

Distillery 031: Friday 29 June, evening
Delegates and public: R30 at door
PechaKucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. The format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced. It will host a sample of speakers from ISEA2018 and IF Durban allowing guests an overview or highlights package of some of the presentations from the week’s sessions.

Interpret Durban #ID9
City Hall: Saturday 30, evening
Delegates and public: R50 at door
Held annually, Interpret Durban aims to create a platform for Durban artists to  showcase their talent. Participants are chosen on a competition- basis which is open to all art-makers in various categories: visual arts, video,  photography, illustration, spoken word, short story, and youth.  For #ID9 there will be about a dozen installations and showcases of some of the best of the  ISEA2018/ Digifest05/ IF Durban projects. #ID9 will be the closing event of the  week.

Cultural Programme
Most events are open to the public, are family friendly and are free of charge.

Tuesday 26 June: Life Hacking
Natural Science Research Centre, 151 KE Masinga Rd,  5.30pm
Under the direction of Dr Jill Scott, the project showcases  wearable technology that allows visually impaired performers and choreographers to  express themselves through movement and sound and in so doing, enabling them to share  their experiences with sighted people. Seven visually impaired students from the Lincoln  Mason School in uMlazi will work with Durban choreographers/dancers Lorin Sookool  and Thobi Maphanga to create a dance piece which explores this technology.

Tuesday 26 June: Life Hacking
KZNSA Gallery and surrounds, 7pm
Gallery Take Over is a project of fun, innovative and quirky exhibits – all  with a strong social consciousness message. The public opening is at 7pm and visitors  can meet some of the “Free Sunshine!” little solar-panelled protest robots created in  public workshops; the “World After Us / Server Farms” which uses discarded computer  hardware as a basis for up-cycled garden installations; and some “Gambiologia” projects  – which is the Brazilian practice of makeshift, the art of resorting to improvisation in  order to repair what doesn’t work or to create what you need with what you have  and African style robots by Ralph Borland. Participatory public interventions  designed to re-imagine public space in Durban presented by PS2 – a group of German  media artists.

Tuesday 26 June: Life Hacking
Bulwer Park, 8pm
Ozma a French electronic jazz band  will performing to the movie The Lost World - a  grainy old black and white silent film about dinosaurs.  If the weather is good, the band will perform in adjoining  Bulwer Park. Bring blankets, picnic and family. There will be other activations  and food vendors in the park.

Wednesday 27 June: De-colonising Futures
Denis Hurley Centre
Of special interest is a talk about Africa in Space – imagining the future and considering  Zambians’ involvement in the space race; Waiting for a Revolution – an interactive  installation with a portable cardboard voting booth; and a sound installation highlighting  citizens of Durban’s sonic memories. There will be a culture walk exploring the  important sites around the DHC in the inner city with activations along the way, and
projections on the outside of the Cathedral. Hope to See is a local art project combining  basket weaving craft with stow-away graffiti.

Thursday 28 June: Arts, Science, Us
A beach installation involving banks of TVs, sand sculptures and  video installations.  uShaka is also the site for an interesting project – “Nonument” is rooted in a protest  installation from Detroit about the destruction of a public fountain which was demolished  despite a public uproar. The artists created an app which explores the architecture, site  and location of where the fountain used to be, pushing the boundaries of architecture,  history and virtual reality.

Friday 29: Intersections and Innovations
Station Drive
ISEA heads to Durban’s Station Drive at S43 for a series of events which celebrates the  unlikely bedfellows: “Arts – Science – Beer and Spices” in an evening of performances,  projection and installations… and beer. Veranda Panda will perform.

Sat 30: KulturWalk
Maritime Museum, morning from 9am
KulturWalks explore the stories of the harbour and city with Mikhail Peppas, through  four heritage hubs – with electronic signage and QR codes.

To find out more:
Facebook: @intersectionsdurban
Instagram: @isea_intersections
The detailed programme can be found on the ISEA2018 website.

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