UNLEARNING CURVE: Loyiso Gola is in Durban for his show Unlearning and took some time out on the main beach this week. Picture: Nqobile Mbonambi/African News Agency/ANA
DURBAN - SA comedian Loyiso Gola is in the process of unlearning about everything and is asking the same question of his audience.

In Durban this week for his show Unlearning, with a final performance on Saturday night, Gola met The Independent on Saturday on Durban’s beachfront for an interview. 

Having just awoken, he seemed a little groggy, but the Durban sea spray and wind provided a blast of energy for the popular funnyman.

“I haven’t been here for two years and I’ve never stayed on The beachfront, so this is a first for me,” he said taking in all the bustling activity on the promenade.  I tried ordering a bunny (chow) yesterday but it seems they were out of bread but I have had a curry already and it was really good. Durban is great,” he says. 

While he enjoys the laid-back vibe of a Durban audience, Gola says audiences around the world are similar in that they have the same expectations, feelings, hopes and dreams which comedians can tap into and create some humour

Gola is now based in London and spends most of his time travelling the world. Before returning home recently, he wrapped up his US comedy TV debut on the late night TV show, 50 Central, produced by rapper and actor 50 Cent.

“I am always happy to come back home and I connect better with a South African audience. I like to share my travels with my countrymen and I am way more invested in SA  than anywhere else.  I think there are many things we take for granted here; people will greet you whether you know each other or not, that does not happen in Europe,” he says. 

Having not stayed in one city longer than three weeks in the last year, Gola flits between continents, with his favourite cities being New York, and Montreal in Canada. He highlights that his view of the world has changed, which led to the material for his current show Unlearning, which showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earlier this year.

He describes the content as being “very introspective, dealing with a lot of issues. 

“I draw a lot from my personal life. It’s about unpacking yourself and the teachings of society,” says Gola. 

His “unlearning” has also resulted in lifestyle changes which includes going vegan. 

“I’ve cut out all meat and have been learning how to treat my body properly,” while his New Year’s  resolution is to get more exercise.  After his show wraps up in Durban, Gola will be taking time out with his family in Cape Town over the festive season.  Time to sit, eat, chat and catch up for the year,” he adds, while his New Year’s celebration will be spent with friends. 

"I’m quite happy to spend New Year’s at home or with friends. The logistics of getting to a party are just too much. I spent it last year on a flight to Buenos Aries and slept through it all.”

And what would he like in his stocking?

“I’m not really one for gifts, but if I were to choose I would say Bluetooth headphones which would be useful when I’m travelling ,” he says. 

Next year’s schedule is already in the planning with shows in Australia, London and Switzerland. 

As Gola strides back to his hotel, he gives the thumbs-up for the country’s future. 

“SA is just fine, we just need to elect a better leader,” he says.

Tickets for his last show tonight at the Garden Court Marine Parade are available on www.quicket.co.za at R150 each.