Skyline Roastery is a a new coffee shop on the block.
Skyline Roastery is a a new coffee shop on the block.
A falafel in pita from Falafel Fundi.
A falafel in pita from Falafel Fundi.
Falafel Fundi

161 Gordon Rd, Morningside

Call: 083 783 6172

Open: Monday to Saturday 9am - 7pm

“With chilli?” owner Saar Ben Hamoo asks. “Of course! And plenty of tahini paste,” I respond.

I’m at the home of falafels, tucked away in the back of an internet cafe, and Morningside residents are pouring in to get their dinner before it closes.

Here the menu is simple: falafels in pita (R45) and falafel platters (R60) or just “four balls” to quote the owner (R20).

The first two are served with fresh crunchy veg, fried brinjals, hummus and the works. Hence the chilli, which is more flavourful than hot but just gives everything a bit of a zing.

The falafels are nicely spiced and freshly fried. If you come before closing time you can eat in a small courtyard at the back or munch away at the internet cafe. And wash it down with home-made lemonade.

Food: 4.5

Service: 4.5

Ambiance: 4

Skyline Roastery

155 Gordon Road, Morningside

Open: Monday to Friday 6.30am to 4pm, Sat 7am-1pm

Just down the road there’s a new coffee kid on the block, with Skyline Roastery. And what a brilliant entry to the Durban coffee scene it is.

The decor is simple but classy, stripped brick walls, a neon sign that reads Break The Rules, and some books on shelves, mostly business based. It’s a very white and bleached wood feel with trendy hanging lights and the coffee machine taking pride of place on the counter - and working overtime.

The atmosphere encompasses the feel of a modern office - hipsters and twenty-somethings chatting, bashing away at laptops periodically and enjoying a top-notch brew. There was a gang sitting at the large table at the back of the restaurant having a “meeting” or “seminar” over their laptops. Along the one wall are some simple office stations along with plenty of charging sockets. The free wi-fi also helps. Two colleagues were discussing some designs on a computer.

The tables down the other wall are more social.

The coffee was beautifully balanced, rich and intensely rewarding - one of the best Americanos I’ve had in a long time. To wash it down are a selection of home-made cookies, apple Danishes and brownies. On First Thursdays the shop is open at night when a range of bagels are available.

Coffee: 4.5

Service: 4.5

Ambiance: 4.5

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