LEARNING FROM THE BEST: Super celeb make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic with Kim Kardashian and Tasneem Hassim in Los Angeles.

DURBAN - Keeping up with the Kardashians is no easy feat, but local businesswoman and make-up artist Tasneem Hassim is making sure Durban women stay at the top of their game when it comes to looking flawless. 

She has attended master classes with super celeb Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, and says beauty trends largely start in Los Angeles, home of the Hollywood jet set. 

“LA and New York set the beauty trends and with social media, it is easy to see what international stylists are doing. Mario, who does Kim Kardashian’s make-up, evolves all the time and his make-up is always very natural. It’s always important to enhance your best features. I look at the shape of the eyes, shape of the face. You want to enhance a face, not change a face,” says Hassim, from her Collab studio in Morningside.

Durban make-up artist Tasneem Hassim shares her make up tips. Video: Tanya Waterworth

Always on the move, Hassim will be at the NWJ Bridal & Beauty Experience at the Durban Exhibition Centre this weekend before she heads off for New York next week. 

She took some time out with The Independent on Saturday on Thursday to share some tips for the 2018 winter look. 

“In South Africa, fall/winter trends start with a very clean skin, so there must be lots of focus on good skincare. Skin must look glowing, dewy and you can always add highlighter to look brighter,” she says, adding that her “must have’’ in her make-up bag is “a great highlighter which brings out your features beautifully, such as enhancing cheekbones or highlighting the corner of your eyes.”

When it comes to eyes, Hassim says, “We are looking at soft, smoky and glam, the smudged out look. Eyeliner is getting more graphic and bolder with a little bit of colour under the eye. 

“Definitely big lashes, false eyelashes for events while for everyday, use a full volume mascara – the Twiggy clumpy look is on runways this season,” while for lips she advises on moving away from the 
matt finish. It’s a more moisturised, hydrated look with some gloss and moving from nudes to deeper and bolder shades and a lot of metallics.”

And of course, well groomed eyebrows are an absolute must, with the trend to go a bit fuller –  “you can never have eyebrows which are not groomed”, she says, adding that  “concealer is a total pick-me up, but you need to choose the right colour and texture – creamier for older skins while younger women can go for matt”.

Hassim also continuously watches for the big brands in the industry, including Fenty by Rihanna, while she says that, along with the US and the UK, China and Dubai have massive beauty markets.

“I always watch Korea when it comes to skincare products. The Koreans and Japanese are known for having flaw-
less skin.”

Having completed a business degree at the University of Kwa Zulu-Natal, Hassim said her passion for beauty saw her doing additional studies in make-up.That was eight years ago. Now a wife and mother, Hassim decided she wanted flexibility in her career. 

“I combined my business degree with my knowledge of the industry as a make-up artist and started bringing in international products. It’s constantly changing and I work hard keeping 
up with trends and products and whether in the brow 
range or skincare, it has to 
be something fantastic before 
I will add it to my range. I am very fussy about my brands. So much depends 
on building relationships with your clients and providing 
a trusted opinion,” Hassim says.


Durban make-up artist Tasneem Hassim shares her make up tips. Video: Tanya Waterworth