Water-wise aloes a winter delight

The ‘hedgehog’ aloe.

The ‘hedgehog’ aloe.

Published Jul 7, 2024


Gone are the days that aloes were only seen on road trips as large shrubs growing on mountain slopes.

We have a huge variety of spectacular aloes bred for our patio pots and gardens. Breathe warmth into your winter garden and attract sunbirds and bees at the same time.

Aloes range from dwarf forms like “peri peri” and “hedgehog” to the multi-coloured Charles and “ballerina”, the rich colours of “fireball”, “Andy’s yellow”, “gold sparkle” and many more.

The rich shades of ‘gold sparkle’ aloes.

These sculptural plants have interesting leaf shapes and colours such as “freckles”,which has grey tones and speckles, and Aloe striata, which has stunning pink-lined flat, grey leaves.

If your aloes have small grey ridges or bumps forming on the leaves it probably indicates an infestation of scale insects. Take a picture or a sample into your local GCA Garden Centre and allow them to recommend a spray that will not burn the tender, succulent leaves. For scale insects on other plants spray with a recommended organic spray dilution.

Treat yourself by visiting your local GCA Garden Centre and choosing one that blows your hair back.

The multi-coloured Charles aloes.

Andy’s yellow aloes.

Freckles has attractive speckles.

Aloe striata, which has stunning pink-lined flat, grey leaves.

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