Party safe ahead of New Years Eve.
DURBAN - Revellers are encouraged to go out and have fun, but it is important to party safely as well.

Ivan Govender, district manager in KwaZulu-Natal for Fidelity ADT Security, said every year there were road accidents, drinking incidents, drug overdoses and more.

“We are appealing to party-goers to party responsibly and never to neglect their safety,” said Govender.

He offered these easy safety tips for all those planning on painting the town red and celebrating away from home, in a possibly unfamiliar area.

1. Before leaving your accommodation for the day or night, ensure that anything valuable is locked away in a drawer or safe.

2. Refrain from carrying large amounts of cash or going out wearing flashy or expensive jewellery.

3. When out at various events and activities, be aware of your surroundings and arrange with your friends to keep an eye on each other and your belongings.

4. If ever you are approached by a suspect individual, choose to walk away and possibly report it to the closest security officer or to the police.

5. Don’t accept drinks from strangers and don’t leave your drinks unattended. Spiking of drinks is still rife.