Get creative with sushi
Get creative with sushi
Dessert with a difference
Dessert with a difference

DURBAN - From the Mash-Up Frenzy to The Fourth Meal, ahead of this year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018) to be held at Johannesburg’s Montecasino Piazza from September 29-30 September, OPEN Food Group has shared its Top Food Trends for 2018 to whet the appetite:

1. Poke Bowls

Poke bowls - originally native to Hawaii - have been a trending in the US and we are slowly seeing them more in South Africa. These bowls offer easily accessible traditional dishes that can be endlessly customised.

2. Plant-based Protein

With the social focus on saving our environment and being vegan, a lot of chefs have embraced plant-based ingredients -Tofu, tempeh and quinoa - to replace the usual ‘meaty’ proteins.

3. The Fourth Meal

With the fast-paced lifestyle we all seem to live, everything we do has less structure, this includes our eating habits. The magic number has always been three meals – we suggest a fourth, which is generally a treat.

4. Savoury Desserts

Although not specific to this year, savoury desserts have certainly grown as a trend and have shown no signs of slowing down. From oatmeal or jalapeños in that cheese cake, to basil ice cream, the dessert evolution has certainly begun.

5. Water Restrictions

Quite clearly inspired by Cape Town, we see a trend coming from the Mother City in which chefs will create as many variations of delectable dishes while trying to save water where possible.

6. Champagne and Bubbles

South Africans enjoy celebrating the little things, and what would a celebration be without bubbly? There has been a clear growth in demand for demi-sec sparkling wines and champagnes, and this will continue with those sweeter options that South Africans truly enjoy.

7. Mash-up Frenzy

Our final trend is the ‘mash-up’ of different cuisines. From sushi burgers or burritos to dessert pizzas, there seems to be a lot of interest when combining traditional favourites to create something holistically different.

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