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Durban - A 12-year-old KwaZulu-Natal boy died this week after being stabbed in the head by his 11-year-old friend in an argument about soccer.

Andiswa Nxele, from Bhobhonono in the Midlands, was declared brain dead after spending three days in hospital.

His friend was arrested, but later released to the custody of his parents, said police spokesman Colonel Jay Naicker.

The 11-year-old boy’s mother was later charged with murder after it was alleged that she had told her son to stab Andiswa.


The motive for the attack was unknown this stage, Naicker said.

“A 26-year-old female was arrested and appeared in court. The issue of charging a minor is dealt with by a probation officer in terms of Child Justice Act,” said Naicker.

The murder has caused tension between the two families who are long-time neighbours.

During the mother’s court appearance, the two families had to be kept apart by friends. The case was postponed to next month.

According to neighbours, the two boys had been playing football with friends when the argument broke out.

“Andiswa went home after they started arguing,” said one of the boys who had been playing soccer.

According to him, the 11-year-old’s mother followed Andiswa and dragged him back to her house.

There were no adults at Andiswa’s house at the time.

The woman is then alleged to have told her son to grab a knife and stab Andiswa.

“Andiswa fell and there was blood everywhere,” said the boy.

Andiswa’s grandmother, Thembile Nxele, said the family found him bleeding profusely outside his friend’s house.

“He wasn’t talking and we rushed him to hospital,” she said. All the family wanted now, said Nxele, was to see justice prevail.