Lifes a beach, or so it seems after research revealed living near the sea has health benefits for people of all ages.

NOT only do we like to be beside the seaside, but it seems it may actually be good for us.

Those who live near the coast tend to be healthier than those who set up home further inland, according to a study. Scientists analysed data from the 2001 census and compared how healthy respondents said they were with how close they lived to the sea.

The researchers from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health – part of the Peninsula College of Medicine at the University of Exeter – concluded that, on average, the closer we live to the sea, the more likely we are to report good health.

And this held true even after factors such as age, sex, education and income had been taken into account.

Lead author Dr Ben Wheeler said: “Our research suggests there is a positive effect. We need to carry out more sophisticated studies to try to unravel reasons that may explain the relationship.” – Daily Mail