Durban actress joins Four Paws

Actress Kajal Bagwandeen is the new Four Paws ambassador for South Africa. | FOUR PAWS

Actress Kajal Bagwandeen is the new Four Paws ambassador for South Africa. | FOUR PAWS

Published Mar 2, 2024


Durban-born actress Kajal Bagwandeen has become a Four Paws Ambassador and her plan is to raise awareness.

“I am honoured to be part of the Four Paws family. I am currently working very closely with the lovely team in South Africa who keep me updated with projects and timelines of welfare campaigns and sensitive rescue operations,” said Bagwandeen.

“My aim is to spread awareness of the plight of animals under human influence as well as the wonderful connection we share. I believe in the saying ‘When you know better, you do better’ and if we are able to influence even a small group of people to make a sustainable change when it comes to the welfare of animals, we know that being the outspoken voices of the ‘voiceless’ is working,” she said.

Durban-born actress Kajal Bagwandeen, who has joined Four Paws as an ambassador, with her fur family Zeus and Layla. Picture: Four Paws

Bagwandeen said people should support the #BreaktheViciousCycle campaign that aims to ban the commercial trade of all big cats in South Africa.

“Unfortunately, big cats are big business in many parts of the world ‒ the biggest being Africa. Breeding big cats for commercial purposes is an industry many South Africans are not aware of and leaves the animals in a very precarious, unnatural situation.

“Big cats are meant to be in the wild, in their natural habitat and not used for human entertainment or interactions in any way. As the new Four Paws ambassador I want to urge South Africans to support the #BreakTheVicious campaign.

“The commercial trade of big cats in South Africa is a problem that is still happening today. That means big cats are being used for interactions such as cub petting or walking with lions as well as exporting their parts to make traditional medicine.

“These big cats are generally being held in unacceptable conditions and, as South Africans, we have a duty to be more aware of facilities that exploit [them].”

Zeus and Layla are part of actress Kajal Bagwandeen’s family. Bagwandeen is the new Four Paws ambassador for South Africa. Picture: Four Paws

She also gave pet owners, would-be owners and society tips for taking care of animals.

“Treat companion animals as part of your family ‒ as much as they need food, shelter, and exercise, ‒ they also need love and care. Adopt from local shelters as opposed to buying animals. If you love a specific breed, find a rescue in South Africa.

“When we consume meat, as far as possible, let’s support our local farmers and slowly move away from the industrialised farming…,” she said.

Bagwandeen also spoke of her relationship with her own dogs.

“Over the years my dogs have always been considered fur kids, so they are very much part of our family. Dapper Zeus is a ‘forever puppy’ even though he is 10 years old, and my rescue Layla, who is a beautiful, sensitive girl, was my ‘doula’ during Covid at home for the birth of my son.”

She said she was working on the family’s next feature film and looking forward to her work with Four Paws.

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